Linda Bergkvist

Linda Bergkvist

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Username * Enayla
Country * Sweden


Availability: Freelance


It's been eight years or so, now, since I got my first Wacom Tablet and was thrown head-first into the wonderful world of digital art, quite unsuspecting of how much I would love it. I worked mostly in Photoshop for many years but as of late, I've incorporated Painter into my workflow. I find the programs to match each other perfectly.

I'm a freelance artist working mainly with concept art and illustration at the time being, though on the side, I'm trying to finish my book on fairytales - a book of stories and illustrations. I'm the proud owner of a wonderfully disobedient kitty named Azrael, and often when I'm trying to paint, he's piled half on top of the tablet, half on the keyboard... pawing at my hands.


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